Handhelds Nurturing Inquiring Minds: The Use of Handheld Technologies in an Australian High School

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Current understandings in education have led to a shift in focus from teaching to a focus on learning. So too, forward looking pedagogical approaches have questioned what it means to be an educated person in the 21st Century and how individuals should engage with technologies to be suitably equipped for emergent knowledge age work (Bereiter, 2002; Brown, 2002). Increasingly there seemingly an emphasis on collaborative knowledge creation where the technology is seen as being employed as a tool to think with, allowing for the active messing with and development of ideas rather than merely as a passive window to information (Resnick, 2002). So too, the notion of ubiquitous ‘anywhere anytime’ technologies have pervaded much of the literature in this regard. This paper presents, as a case study, the conceptualisation, implementation and ongoing development of a an approach by a high school in Brisbane, Australia to use of handheld technologies to scaffold and implement advanced socio-cognitive processes for knowledge sharing and knowledge-building (Paavola et al., 2002). While a number of lofty ideals are at play, this paper discusses from a relatively pragmatically standpoint how, a range of imperatives and competing demands within the high school community were addressed.

Keywords: Handhelds, Collaboration, Knowledge Building, Case Study
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Alan Roberts

Lecturer, Centre for Learning Innovation
Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Alan’s research interests are related to business education, technology in education and team role/diversity in computer supported collaborative learning and work environments (virtual teams). Alan has provided consulting services to a range of educational and commercial organisations.

John Pembroke

Head of Techology, All Hallows School
Brisbane, Queensland, Austria

John is an innovative educator leading the implementation of a range of projects within a High School located in Brisbans, Australia

Ref: T08P0097