Towards a New Experience of the City: How ICTs are Shapping Individuals' Relation to Urban Space in China?

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This paper wants to be a contribution to the understanding of mobility in contemporary urban China from the pespestive of city 2.0 – an increasing interaction between people and space with the creative use of mobile technologies. Transitional Urban China is characterized by changing spatial and social patterns, the creation and exchange of city information between virtual world and real world is shaping individuals relation with the urban space and their social circles, so three key question are raised by this study : how the information is produced ? how the information is selected ? how the information is used ? With emerging new mobility pactices and co-creation of city information, individuals are having a renewed experience of urban space, even a new mobile culture is coming out. This study is based on two rounds of face to face interviews (20 in Beijing, 10 in Shanghai and 10 in Guangzhou), several participative observations(cf. Join in the trips organized by onine collaborative travel communities) and focus group. We focus on the « new nomads » in urban China, meaning the very mobile individuals.

Keywords: Mobility, Space, City 2.0, Web 2.0
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dan Shang

Researcher, Marketing, Usage and Communication Department, France Telecom R&D Beijing
Beijing, China

Sociology researcher in France Telecom R&D Beijing ; Specialized in the area of mobility and urban studies, as well as observations of ICT usage trends and innovations in China. Paper presented in the conference "Living in the information society", Manila, April,2007: "Being mobile in urban China – a reinvention of sociality and a new relation to space".

Dr. Jean-François Doulet

Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Provence (Aix-Marseille), France
Marseille, France

Jean-François Doulet, PhD in urban studies, has been researching on more than 10 years on urban mobility, especially in the transitional Chinese context. Since 2005, he has been working as the scientific advisor for France Telecom R&D Beijing in the social sciences department looking how mobility practice are been modified by a widespread use of telecommunication tools.

Ref: T08P0089