New Directions and Knowledge Management Agendas: Transformational Scenarios for Creating Knowledge Value

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Painting the future is both an inexact art and an unavoidable leadership responsibility given today’s volatile business conditions. In a global connected knowledge economy part of the job rests with those accountable for developing and harnessing the intellectual resources that contribute to economic performance. Society is tying to adapt to the move from a mature Industrial Economy to an immature Knowledge Economy, with escalating technological potential that could both provide a threat to and the solution for an ailing ecology, divergent values and personal unease. The challenge is to rethink the very nature of organizing so as to deliver acceptable results to a growing range of influential and knowledgeable stakeholders. This paper reports the outcome of a group of 18 experienced knowledge management practitioners and academics who, over a period of seven months, joined forces to creatively, yet systematically, explore the provocative proposition that; “To adapt successfully to the changing world, organisations, individuals and societies must transform the way they use knowledge.” The results is an in depth exploration of three distinctive scenarios, discussion of the sign that suggest the way some organisations are already moving towards particular futures, and an outline of the scope and shape of “Transformational Knowledge Management” agenda that would enable individuals and organisations to deliver greater economic and societal value from current and future advances in knowledge.

Keywords: Transformational KM, Knowledge Economy Futures, Organisation in Society
Stream: Technology in Community
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Prof. Jane McKenzie

Professor of Management Knowledge and Learning, Open Executive MBA programmes
School of Management Knowledge and Learning, Henley Management College

Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, UK

Jane is a Professor of Management Knowledge and Learning at Henley. In her career, she has been active in both business and academia. The first 15 years of her working life were spent in various financial controller roles, primarily in the chemicals and biotech industries. During this time she qualified as an accountant and completed an MBA. Her focus changed to managing more intangible resources when she moved to the USA. Here she spent five years in consulting, writing and researching issues such as IT benefits management, strategy, business transformation and the virtual organization. On her return to the UK in 1997, she joined Henley, where she spends the majority of her time looking for ways to improve the contribution of knowledge and learning to management development and business value. Currently she is Director of Open Executive MBA Programmes. Her research interests focus on the connection between knowledge, learning and organizational value and the dilemmas managers face when making choices in today’s complex business environment. She has written two books, the most recent called Understanding the Knowledgeable Organization was co-authored with Christine van Winkelen, the director of Henley’s KM Forum.

Dr. Christine van Winkelen

Director of the Knowlede Management Forum, Knowledge Management Forum, Henley on Thames
Henley on Thames, Oxofordshire, UK

Dr Christine van Winkelen has worked with the Henley Knowledge Management Forum since its inception in 2000, project managing and directing research activities and special interest groups. In January 2004 she became Director, continuing to promote an active research agenda. She is a Visiting Academic Fellow at Henley Management College (UK) and her particular research interests include the strategic, leadership and decision-making aspects of knowledge management. Her focus is on forming a “bridge” between academic and practitioner aspects of KM. She has published extensively in academic and practitioner journals, co-authoring Understanding the Knowledgeable Organization: Nurturing Knowledge Competence with Professor Jane McKenzie, published by Thomson Learning in 2004.

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