An Agent Based Context Driven Focused Crawler: Architecture of CDFC

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Even though a focused crawler offers a potential solution to the problem of exhaustive crawling [3], but owing to its keyword driven approach, it still downloads a large number of web pages irrespective of the fact whether they are logically related. Thus, the keyword based strategy alone is not sufficient for the design of a focused crawler whereas context relevance is more important as far as the user’s requirement is concerned. This paper proposes an architecture of a context driven focused crawler (CDFC) that searches and downloads only highly related web pages based on the context. The architecture is based on the augmented hypertext document system [21], which makes available the context of the documents at the server side. Since only relevant and credible documents are downloaded, a very small number in comparison, the proposed architecture significantly reduces the storage space, search time and network traffic as well.

Keywords: Search Engine, Focused Crawler, Context, Software Agents
Stream: Technology in Community
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Naresh Chauhan

Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, YMCA Institute of Engineering
Faridabad, Haryana, India

Naresh Chauhan received his M.Tech. (Information Technology) from GGS IndraPrastha University, Delhi in the year 2004. He has served in Bharat Electronics Ltd. and Motorola India Ltd. for 5 years. Presently, he is working as Lecturer in Deptt. of Computer Engg. at YMCA Institute of Engg., Faridabad for last 3 years. He is pursuing Ph.D. on Internet Technologies. His research interest includes Internet technologies, Software Engg., and Real time systems.

A.K. Sharma

Professor & Head, Department of Computer Engineering, YMCA Institute of Engineering
Faridabad, Haryana, India

Prof. A K Sharma received his M.Tech. (Computer Sci. & Tech.) with Hons. from University of Roorkee in the year 1989 and Ph.D. (Fuzzy Expert Systems) from JMI, New Delhi in the year 2000. From July 1992 to April 2002, he served as Assistant Professor and became Professor in Computer Engg. at YMCA Institute of Engg., Faridabad in April 2002. He received his second Ph.D. in Information Technology from ABV I.I.I.T. & M Gwalior in 2004. His research interest include Fuzzy Systems, Object oriented Programming, Knowledge Representation and Internet Technologies.

Ref: T08P0083