Academic Computing Pedagogy Enhanced by use of Virtualization

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Currently there is a battle of sorts being waged in the virtual computing environment. This battle is between VMware and Windows Virtual PC. VMware is a product of VMware, Inc., a subsidiary of EMC Corporation, which supplies proprietary visualization software for x86-compatible computers, including VMware Workstation and the freeware VMware Server and VMware Player products. On the other hand, “Windows Virtual PC is a virtualization suite for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and an emulation suite for Mac OS X. The software was originally written by Connectix, and was subsequently acquired by Microsoft. In July 2006 Microsoft released the Windows-hosted version as a free product". Freeware products (VMware Server and Windows Virtual PC) will be the focus of this discussion. While stakeholders of these two products compete for market-share domination, the benefits to customers can be significant. Some of those benefits will be discussed in this paper as the following topics are explored: Review of Literature (VMware Server and Windows Virtual PC), Benefits from the Competition between Virtual Machine Developers, Practical Use of Virtualization, Examples of Lab Assignments, Limitations and Future Research Using Virtual Machines, and Conclusion.

Keywords: Virtualization, Virtual Machines, VMware, Windows Virtual PC, Computer Networking, Computer Network Security
Stream: Technology in Education
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Dr. Ian Toppin

Assistant Professor, College of Professional Studies, Clayton State University
Morrow, Georgia, USA

Ref: T08P0078