An Investigation into the Applicability of Open Source Concepts to Building Design Projects

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Since the establishment of Linux and Wikipedia, so called “Open Source” projects have rapidly developed across many different fields. The Open Source principle and philosophy originated from software development, and was concerned with the availability of software source code to the general public under a specific license, facilitating the study, change and improvement of designs. In recent years, the concept has shifted slowly from a philosophical ideology to the mainstream. Open Source is a phenomenon that has not only become a new model for business development within the software industry, but has also had an impact within other fields. It has so far generated ideas like “Open Source Design”, “Open Source Science”, “Open Source Intelligence” and many other non software related initiatives. While the phenomenon continues to expand and the philosophy proliferates, there are many people who are questioning the suitability of applying the Open Source concept to other fields. This paper is based on research in progress, the aim of which is to examine the characteristics of the Open Source Model from an informatics perspective, and assess its applicability to other projects in a non-software development context. To achieve this, case studies investigating the attempted use of the Open Source Method in contexts other than software industry were examined. This paper has chosen to explore the example of the “Open Source Architecture” initiative, which has become one of the new approaches in the building design industry.

Keywords: Open Source Model, Building Design, Collaborative Methodology, Information Systems, Framework
Stream: Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
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Vivian Wei Liang

PhD Research Student, Adelphi Research Institute of Creative Arts and Sciences, University of Salford
Manchester, UK

Ref: T08P0070