Theory, Technology, Entertaintment: Using Educational Computer Game for Programming Education

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Computer games are technologic entertainment softwares which are virtual world of persons from each age band. It is generally argued that computer games are valuable tools in enhancing learning. They are seen as a means of encouraging learners who may lack interest or confidence (Klawe, 1994). In the literature, there was two different approach to use computer games in education, “instructionist and constructionist”. Instructionist perspective describes the computer games as an educational materials added to learning environment. Rather than embedding games to lessons, constructionists have focused their efforts on providing students opportunities to construct their own games (Kafai, 2006). According to constructivist perspective, we discussed opinions of Computer and Instructional Technologies Department students related with their design and development process of Educational Computer game. The findings of the study indicated that, although designing the education content of computer games are very hard for students, they are quite positive about game development aided programming education and its application.

Keywords: Programming Education, Computer Games, Educational Technology
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Serhat Bahadır Kert

Research Assistant, Computer and Instructional Technologies Department, Yıldız Technical University
İstanbul, Turkey

Ref: T08P0058