The Reflections of Faculty Staffs About Online Learning Assessment Approach

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Learning resources play significant role in learning process. Evaluation in teaching-learning process has a great significance in effective learning and success. Guidance of learners utilizing online learning environment, measurement of their success and determination of their insufficient learning depend on the accurate and correct evaluation. In this context, true selection of measurement scales becomes important. Measurement scales used in evaluation methods should measure what they are supposed to measure, should be clear, valid and reliable. This depends on wheather the teacher is good at evaluation methods or not. The aim of this study is to get opinion of teaching staff, who provides online teaching activities, about the instruction methods and evaluation methods used for evaluating the students’ success. This study will be carried out with qualitative technique depending on the survey model with 15 participants.

Keywords: Online Teaching, Teaching Methods, Assessment Methods
Stream: Technology in Education
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Vahide Can

Faculty of Education
Department of Educational Tecnology and Computing, The Anadolu University

Eskişehir, Turkey

Lecturer Vahide Can, Master of Science measurement and evaluation in education
Vahide Can is an lecturer working in Computer and Instructional Technologies Department of Education Faculty, Anadolu University. Her working field is Instructional Tecnology and Material Development, Planning and Evaluation in Teaching, Computer and İnternet Safety, Evaluation and Assessment on the Web, Teaching Practice, School Experience. Her main research interests are web based education, measurement and evaluation in education/online education, The student’s safe usege computer and ınternet.

Ref: T08P0056