The Multiple Perspectives of Open Source Software Appropriation: A Malaysian Case

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Several models and frameworks have been developed from IS studies in investigating the penetration, implementation and adoption of technologies in organizations. However, many of the models have not focused or considered in depth the later stages, after the initial introduction of the technology. This study tries to fill this gap by examining the technology appropriation theory. The focus is on the Open Source Software (OSS) as a technology which is widely used in many organizations. In this study, relevant models are then combined and extended to produce the Multiple Perspective Framework in Exploring OSS Appropriation. Malaysia is one of the developing countries which encourage and strongly support the OSS adoption in its public and private sectors. Drawing on a case study in one of the Malaysian public sector, the framework is being used to guide the researcher in identifying the criteria that influence appropriation of OSS in each level of the process based on the cultural context and the multiple perspectives of the stakeholders involves in the implementation. The case shows that there are multiple stakeholder perspectives of at different level of OSS appropriation and the proposed integrated framework was able to capture these multiplicities. The findings contribute to the literature of OSS especially in terms of its adoption, implementation, and use and also the social perspective of information technology especially to the Malaysian context.

Keywords: Open Source Software, Technology Appropriation, Multiple Perspectives, Public Sector, Malaysia
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
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Nor Zairah Ab. Rahim

Lecturer, Information Systems Department
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Ref: T08P0054