Design my World: Method and Tool for Fast Enhancing Civilization Progress?

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In the modern world which we sometimes call the “Information World”, we can observe an evident lack of an effective mechanism for the distribution of non-material goods, for example: copyright law for intellectual property, sharing new ideas, as well as those ideas developing or manufacturing in a physical form. Many people all over the world have their own ideas and dedicated solutions for many aspects of our lives: technical, sociological, financial etc, which are generally considered as the “World’s Knowledge”. Sometimes only appearing temporarily and being accessible in the human mind, these ideas are often forgotten and abandoned and there are no further attempts for patent applications or to release these developed ideas into the real-world (e.g.: industry, science, world’s community). The vision of the trusted Internet platform for these ideas and also for non-material goods distribution will be discussed, together with a statement that now is the time for “Creation World” whose users consider DesignMyWorld as their Internet trusted platform.

Keywords: Design My World
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Dr. Zbigniew Piotrowski

Associate Professor - postdoctoral sponsored researcher, Adastral Park - Postgraduate Research and Teaching Campus, Univeristy College London
Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

Dr Zbigniew Piotrowski is a research assistant at Military University of Technology (MUT), Warsaw Poland. He received his MSc. from Electronics Faculty, MUT in 1997. His work was dedicated lose compression of speech signal and was entitled "Parametric methods of speech signal coding in the radio systems". In 2005, he wrote his PhD thesis entitled "Effective method of the watermark embedding and decoding in the broadcast audio signal band" with first class honours at 2005 (MUT). He is DSP team manager and principal developer of MUT (Warsaw, Poland) science grant entitled "Handset model for safe authorization in military HF/VHF radios". Dr Piotrowski is also academic teacher and teaches following subjects: "Digital Signal Processing", "Vocoders technology", "Radiocommunications Systems", "Communications Systems Security" and "Watermarking and Steganography Systems". He is a programmer and algorithm developer, in his work he using Matlab and Code Composer Studio. At present he is a Post Doctoral sponsored researcher at University College London, position - Associate Professor, his tutor is prof. Ingemar J. Cox.

Ref: T08P0464