Automated Clinical Research Mice Movement Detection System

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This project develops a system to monitor the movement and behaviour of mice using image comparison method. It is aimed to help clinical or related research department to reduce the workload of mice monitoring by using an automated system. It is able to determine the location of a mouse at a specific time and it is able to record all the data into database. The movements of the mice can be retrieved from database and be played back to the user. The system consists of two monitoring mode which are movement based mode and time based mode. Image will be captured and data will be saved to disk only when a movement is detected when running movement based mode. However, under a time based mode, image and data will be recorded after certain time interval. Both monitoring mode utilizes the same comparison method. The first image is being captured as reference image using a fixed webcam. Another image will be captured after certain time. Two images are segmented into small rectangles and compared to each other pixel by pixel. If the number of different pixel exceeds the threshold determined by the user, the mouse is considered located at that location. This process is repeated so the movement of mouse for certain period can be determined. Movement trail of the mouse can be generated from the data collected.

Keywords: Mice Monitoring, Automated System, Image Comparison, Thresholding
Stream: Technology in Community
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Paper: , Automated Clinical Research Mice Movement Detection System

Emran Mohd Tamil

Lecturer, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, Department of Computer System and Technology, University of Malaya
Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Emran Mohd Tamil is a lecturer at the Department of System and Computer Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya. He obtained his Master of Science in Information Technology from the Universiti Teknologi Mara in 2004. His current research areas include network security, system-on-chip, SCADA, wireless sensor network and digital signal processing for medical application.

Ti Siang Tey

Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur, Federal State, Malaysia

Mohd Rais Mustafa

Head of Department, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur, Federal State, Malaysia

Mohd Yamani Idna Idris

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer System & Technology, 
Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology,, University of Malaya

Kuala Lumpur, Federal State, Malaysia

Mohd. Yamani Idna Idris obtained both his B.Eng. (Hons) in Electrical Engineering (2000) and Master of Computer Science (2002) from University of Malaya. Currently he is a lecturer in the Department of Computer System & Technology, University of Malaya. His research interest is in the area of security, system on chip and intelligent system.

Ref: T08P0450