Speech Recognition for Language Learning: Toward an Evaluation of Student Practices

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The Usability Survey was designed and conducted with the purpose of obtaining information on student responses to the actual use of French language multimedia software with Automatic Speech recognition (ASR) features. Enrolled French students had been routinely oriented to the use of the ASR features of the software through 30-40 minute sessions at the foreign language computer lab for four consecutive semesters (Fall 2005-Spring 2007). In early 2007 an online survey was designed and subsequently opened to all French students who had been oriented to or used Tell Me More during the Fall 2005-Spring 2007 period. Approximately, sixty French student users completed the online Usability Survey
The purpose of the Usability Survey encompassed several broad goals. It was believed that the survey could provide information regarding the human-machine interactions. The evolving field of human-computer interaction (HCI) is continually developing and designs are subject to continuous revision. The process of software development from the HCI perspective is one perceived to hold great promise for technology users. The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) features are indicative of recent HCI developments in foreign language software. The Usability Survey presents the opportunity for education for understanding that is the opportunity to continue to involve and engage corporate sponsors and developers in the process of understanding what constitutes research. Usability, within the context of HCI provides feedback and information. Research can inform and improve on future developments in educational multimedia. It is important to cultivate understanding and dialogue about the research process by providing feedback as well as communication. Communication with all involved, within the software development sector and with companies and consultants. Concerns regarding ethical issues in research need to be addressed. Misunderstanding from any area can impact the integrity of research or result in a conflict of interests.

Keywords: Foreign Language Software, Automatic Speech Recognition Computer-Assisted Language Learning(CALL), Usabilility
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
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Deborah Cordier

Foreign Language Computer Lab - Coordinator, SLAIT (Second Language Acquisition/Instructional Technology), University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida, USA

Currently, a Ph. D Candidate in SLAIT (USF) and am preparing a dissertation on Speech Recognition and foreign language (FL) learning. My research interests include: ASR, CALL, usability, and Web technologies for FL speaking and conversation. I have worked in international education and been involved in the discussion of Open Source and Open Educational Resources (OER)in the US and in foreign countries for several years.

Dr. Robert Summers

Foreign Language Lab Technologies, State University of NY/Albany
Albany, NY, USA

Robert J. Cooksey

Faculty-Computer Animation, Ringling School of Art and Design
Sarasota, FL, USA

Dr. Roberta Tucker

Director : Master's  Program French Language and Literature, Researcher
Tampa, FL, USA

Dr. Jim White

Instructional Technology - Doctoral Program, Research Supervisor
Tampa, FL, USA

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