The Theory of Participatory Influence: A Management Strategy in the Knowledge Economy

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Participatory Influence means that there is a communication mechanism between an organization and the society it seeks to service (being a knowledge driven society) and that it allows the feedback from this mechanism to influence its plans to help achieve its objectives. This means that the growth of the products and services of such an organization will always be “market driven” rather than based on perceptions of the market by their leaders. This is important because at the end , the organization has to survive by satisfying the needs of the markets it operates in and further it needs to be able to gain acceptance of these services in the same market. Participatory influencing involves the customer and society in the planning process of the organization, by allowing the response or feedback from them to influence planning, there by instituting objectives which are tailored for the market. Most importantly, the active involvement of the market in this planning process, creates an ownership within that market for the successful performance of that organization.

Keywords: Knowldege Management, Knowledge Society, Market Driven Strategy
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Paper: Theory of Participatory Influence, The

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