Developing Leadership Roles in Peer Mediated Communications for Experiential Learning: Discussing Learning Experiences

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Students who utilized a common dialogue space were able to share experiences from their internships. Traditionally, students on internship interact solely with the site supervisor and the faculty supervisor and do not typically or formally interact with others also on internship. By utilizing a discussion board students are able to create their own threads, vent about issues arising from the internship and guide those who are new to the internship experience. What was interesting to watch was that there were definite leadership roles that people grew into and also gave up in favour of new leaders to the discussion. Each student participated at his or her own level of interest, this level often changed over time and with new mixes of members. Teacher led discussion was needed early on and faded out over time as the leaders emerged. This paper discusses the teacher's approach and discoveries over time with the use of a discussion board in experiential learning.

Keywords: Student-Led Knowledge Construction, Virtual Community Development, Experiential Learning Outcomes Improved, Leadership Roles in Online Learning
Stream: Technology in Education
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Dr. Jayne Klenner-Moore

Associate Professor, Mass Communications; Cyber Forensics, King's College
Shavertown, PA, USA

I hold a Ph.D from The Pennsylvania State University in Instructional Systems with a focus on HCI. I have been teaching at King's since 1995 in the Mass Communications department. My research interests include online discourse and cultural historic activity theory as well as eLearning.

Ref: T08P0398