Intelligent Building Materials and Systems

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With the nature inspiration the history of smart materials begins, the progress which will lead to hyper intelligent materials in near future. The main use of them in the field of building construction is the Active Structural and Environmental Control of buildings. The building automation industry has revolutionized "intelligent building". This industry is limited to the intelligent behavior of building devices such as HVAC and lighting control units. Sensors and actuators linked to a soft ware are the basic components of such systems. Need for careful maintenance and updating programs is costly and inconvenient. Due to these difficulties building automation has never become a widely available technology. This is a starting point for building automation technologies but this article presents a portrait of the state of available technology and provides a future vision of where we are leaded. Using intelligent materials incorporate into ordinary building materials will and offer so many opportunities for future architecture: Future buildings with intelligent flexible structures with the ability to expand or constrict, providing various volumes and forms, ability to increase their stability by changes in resistance properties of the structural materials, building skins with intelligent changes in material volume, density or phase and transparency and therefore skin properties for light transmission and thermal resistance in response to the changing environment, the colorful gentle dancing facades with “seasonal insulation degree”, interior surfaces with changing properties in acoustic insulation in a concert hall and self- repairing materials.

Keywords: Intelligent Materials, Building Materials, Intelligent Buildings
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
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Dr. Mohsen Faizi

Assistant Professor, Dean of Faculty, School of Architecture and Urban Studies, Iran University of Science and Technology
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Dr Mohsen Faizi is assistant professor, Dean of faculty, at the school of Architecture and Urban studies, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran. He has been involved in wide variety of projects and research with variety of publication. Mohsen has been supervising various student with subjects related to landscape and architecture. He is an individual member of International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA).

Rosa Vakilinezhad

Researcher, University of Science & Technology
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Rosa Vakilinezhad graduated in University of Science & Technology (IUST) with a M.Sc. degree in Technological Architecture with the research field of intelligent and sustainable architecture. Her focus was mainly on Technology and Architecture with the thesis including design of “Botanical and Research center" concerning sustainable architecture and through intelligent architecture. She is a member of Iranian Organization for Engineering order of Buildings.

Ref: T08P0395