History Preservice Teachers’ Conceptions of Technology: Typical or Transformative?

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Since the advent of information technology initiatives within varied fields of education, history educators have been advocating the use of technology to transform history education in a variety of ways. This essay shares research from a detailed case study that examined two history preservice teachers’ conceptions about technology. The students were enrolled in a required educational technology course designed to encourage the appropriation and integration of transformative uses of technology. Analysis of qualitative data showed that the preservice teachers believed technology to be a utilitarian tool that could encourage historical learning and teaching despite some inherent drawbacks. Their conceptions about technology were greatly influenced by their personal experiences and helped shape their predictions regarding their proposed applications of technology for their future high school history courses.

Keywords: Conceptual Change, History/Social Studies Education Computer-Assisted Education
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , , History Preservice Teachers’ Conceptions of Technology

Dr. Elvira K. Katić

Ramapo College of New Jersey
Mahwah, New Jersey, USA

Ref: T08P0389