The Media Mask: Questioning Authenticity

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During the 1920s when mass media truly began to permeate daily life there were a number of people who were critical of the technology saying it discounted reality. This criticism seems anachronistic even quaint in a modern world where mass media are an omnipresent part of life. Yet something rings true today as it did decades ago that media technology has corrupted what it is to experience life. Is it time to reintroduce this debate into the classroom? Let’s meet and discuss the idea.

Keywords: Authenticity, Mass Media, University Teaching
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Prof. Thomas Nelson

Associate Professor, School of Communications, Elon University
Burlington, North Carolina, USA

Tom Nelson was a television news reporter before becoming a university teacher. He finds the effect of mass media on culture in the early years of broadcast technology to be especially interesting. Nelson has domestic as well as international experience as a reporter and a teacher.

Ref: T08P0384