The Perspectives of Distance Education in Russia and the United States

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The focus of this study is changes in the system of post secondary education in the United States and Russia in new educational environments. The Russia Federation is only on the way of forming democratic society and democratizing its educational system while American education proved to be a free, an open society. The Educational systems of the USA and Russia provided distance education courses for more than 100 years having started in the 18th century when extension courses appeared. But what are the goals and main trends in higher educational institutions and distance education nowadays? How do the higher education institutions respond to changing environments? The study is limited only to higher education in both countries. This case is also a good example of comparative analysis for those people interested in the dynamics, development, and the outcomes of institutional changes in new educational environments. This study has implications for scholars worldwide who are interested in the policies of different educational systems in different economic systems. This study might suggest to policy makers and researches that while reforming educational systems it is of primary importance to take into consideration national practical experience adopting technological advances of developed countries.

Keywords: Distance Education, Open Education, E-learning, Virtual Universities
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Perspectives of Distance Education in Russia and the United States, The

Tatyana A. Daletskaya

Fulbright Visiting Researcher, Department of Learning and Performance Systems, Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA, USA

I am Fulbrught Visitng Researcher of 2007-2008 at the Department of Learning and Performance Systems, Penn State University. Currently I am an Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Department at the Novosibirsk State Water Transport Academy, Russia. I have specialized in two fileds: teaching and philology. Most of my experience is centered around Teaching as a Foreign Language so my motivation is to improve quality of education in Russia and to apply effectively new technologies in language teaching. The subject of my research is Open and Distance Learning in the USA and my adviser here is Dr M.G.Moore.

Ref: T08P0382