University, Innovation and Knowledge Society

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The relation between the university and the environment has been gaining importance with time. This paper is aimed at examining the different trends regarding the relation between the university, the productive sector, the Government and the local communities, in order to propose new action strategies in the framework of Latin-Americans universities.

Keywords: University, Regional Development, Knowledge Production "Mode 2", Entrepreneurs in the Academy, Scholars in the Enterprise
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , University, Innovation and Knowledge Society

Dr. Miguel A. Briceno

Member of the Directory Board, Central University of Venezuela
Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

Promotion at G.W.Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main. Full Professor at the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas in retirement process. Head of the Department of Social and Contemporaneous Philosophy. Member of the Board of Directors of the UCV Foundation. Coordinator of the Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Philosophy. Coordinator of the Research Unit of Pragmatics and Knowledge Society. General Coordinator of the “Project for the Innovation Center and Business Incubator”. UCV Foundation. General Coordinator of the “Socio-Environmental Study for the Location of the Cabruta Refinery and the Creation of a Sustainable Regional Development Pole”. PDVSA, S.A. Consultant in the creation of the Technological Management Unit, Caracas Subway.

Ref: T08P0372