Smart Glove: A Hand Gesture Recognition System for Real Time Applications

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Hand gesture recognition is one of the most complex and unsolved problems in electronics. This field has immense potential and numerous applications. In this paper we provide a very simple yet powerful system of hand gesture recognition which is based on a very revolutionary technique that has minimized the cost with increased accuracy. Our system is based on the use of hall switches which effectively sense the presence of a magnetic field and produces a +3V output if there is a field within its range. This is the principle used in our project for detecting the position of a person's fingers. The hall effect switches and the magnets are embedded in a glove which the person making the gesture wears. The output of the sensor circuitry is fed to the PIC16F877A.The microcontroller is programmed to correlate the sensor output with the corresponding gesture. The microcontroller output is fed to the output device like LCD etc. This project has universal appeal because the system of representing numbers is also universal. The system can also be utilized to recognize the sign language of the

Keywords: Gesture Set, Recognition, PI
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
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Ramana Arvind

Affiliation not supplied
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Ref: T08P0370