A Case Study of the Use of Learning Technology at the International Islamic University, Pakistan

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This paper explores how students studying at the International Islamic University engage actively with learning technology in their self-directed study time. The study has conducted two focus groups, a survey and a number of in-depth follow-up interviews. 250 students studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level from a cross-section of departments were taken as a purposive sample for the collection of survey data. It is hoped that the findings of this study will suggest some guidelines for students about the use of available learning technologies. A further benefit of the study will be to provide guidelines to lecturers in improving the opportunities for students to use learning technology in their self-directed learning time. Some workable recommendations will be suggested to higher education institutions in Pakistan.

Keywords: Self-directed Learning, e-Learning, Technology Use, International Islamic University
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Case Study of the Use of Learning Technology at the International Islamic University, Pakistan, Dr

Samina Malik

Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Faculty of Social Sciences, International Islamic University

Islamabad, Pakistan, Pakistan

It is Dr Samina Malik. I'm working in International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan as an Assistant Professor. My main area is relating with research as well as teaching at post graduate level.Currently I'm teaching Research Methodology, Educational Psychology and Guidence and Councelling to the student of M.Ed and MA education. Recently I have completed my post-doctoral study from Coventry University, UK. There my research work was based on the use of learning technology by students.

Ref: T08P0365