MySpace Really isn’t my Space: The Impact of Viral Marketing on the MySpace Community

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Viral marketing has become an integral part of online community development. The relationship is explored through an analysis of viral marketing within the MySpace community. Technology is an aid in community development, like MySpace. This research defines MySpace as a community and opens the discussion of online viral marketing. Online viral marketing’s existence supports the development of online communities. Through an analysis of typical MySpace pages geared toward the key target demographic of adults, ages 18-24, in college, the existence of viral marketing was established. In addition, the genre of products and placement indicated how viral marketing serves the MySpace community.

Keywords: Viral Marketing, Online Viral Marketing, Online Community Development, MySpace
Stream: Technology in Community
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Sondra Nicole Cappuccio

Professor, Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Rowan Univeristy
Glassboro, New Jersey, USA

Leslie Turner

Professor, Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Rowan University
Glassboro, New Jersey, USA

Ref: T08P0338