Disruptive Technology, Web 2.0, and Etcetera Etcetera: A Web Developer’s Dilemma

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“How difficult is it to create something on the web?” People ten years ago would have answered that question very differently than people nowadays would. Web design is no longer a market cornered by only technologies or programmers. People from all ages and educational background are creating content for the web using off-the-shelf software or Web 2.0 services every day. Also there are “disruptive technologies”, technologies that might look insignificant and irrelevant at first, end up making sea changes and changing the information industry forever. Managers from both public and private sectors expect web developers to catch on buzzwords like Web 2.0 or disruptive technologies and implement them for the organizations immediately. So what should a web developer do facing waves after waves of disruptive technologies, Web 2.0, and many more unknown technologies waiting to be discovered? What is a web developer’s role in an organization besides his/her job responsibilities? Drawing from practices and teaching experience, the presenter will discuss these challenges and suggest a core set of fundamental skills that any web developer should acquire to survive.

Keywords: Web Development, Project Management, Information Architecture
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Jen-chien Yu

Information Services Librarian/Associate Librairan, University Libraries, Miami University
Oxford, Ohio, USA

Jen-chien Yu received her MLIS in 2000 from the University of Pittsburgh and a bachelor’s from Tamkang University in Taiwan. She has been an Electronic Services librarian and data specialist with the Miami University Libraries since 2001. Yu’s areas of research interest include data literacy and online information literacy tutorials. Yu develops web-based services and applications, with a focus on applications for numeric data users and instructional outreach to first-year college students. She has lead several grant-funded projects in developing online web-based instruction such as the Miami eScholar, dealing with academic integrity and E-learn, a web-based instruction for first-year college students funded by the Ohio Board of Regents Grant. She also teaches classes for the Interactive Media Studies Program at Miami University.

Ref: T08P0336