Towards a National Innovation System in México Based on Knowledge

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In the last years, the research in diverse disciplines has increased the importance of innovation studies at the national level. In this sense, this paper proposes the development of National Innovation Systems (NIS) and its application to the economy in Mexico. Considering the characteristics and limitations of the study region, the mentioned proposal of NIS it is necessary to integrate the study of Knowledge-Based Economies (KBE) approach to study of the different approaches developed about the NIS. In addition, we will analyze the studies about the science, technology and innovation in Mexico, and the availability of these indicators.

Keywords: NIS, KBE, México
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , , Towards a National Innovation System in México Based on Knowledge,

Dr Victor Helios Feria

PhD Student, Department of Engineering Projects, Polytechnic University of Valencia
Valencia, Spain

Dr. Antonio Hidalgo

Associate Professor of University, Engineering Organization, Enterprise Management and Statistics, Polytechnic University of Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Ref: T08P0326