Priorities in Educational Technology Research: A Delphi Study from Poland

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The United States along with countries in Western Europe have been leaders in the field of educational technology research and practice since their onset in 1970s. While the technologically-developed countries do provide models for technology integration and curricular applications for the rest of the world, literature on the topic reveals that attempts to replicate the practice are not always successful. Best practices and technological applications originating in the United States, for example, cannot always be readily transported onto the teaching practice elsewhere. Other countries may be better off finding their own solutions for technology-supported education, rather than attempting to import, no matter how well done, but untested models developed abroad. In 2004, a Delphi study done by Pollard and Pollard provided a framework for research areas in the field of educational technology in the United States. Recognizing the need for a national agenda in the area of educational technology research, the purpose of that study was to construct a framework for such research. This paper presents findings of a similar Delphi inquiry to establish research priorities in educational technology as perceived by experts on the subject throughout Poland. The purpose of this study was to identify areas of educational technology research reflective of the country’s need for a framework sensitive to pedagogical practices. Delphi panel of 40 educational technology experts in Poland was chosen from a pool of currently employed at university level doctors and professors. The panelists, in a three round study conducted through a web site set up for that purpose, identified categories that may inform themes and topics of future research in the country. Comparisons and contrasts in the findings and conclusions between the two studies from the United States and Poland are discussed.

Keywords: Delphi Method, Research Priorities, Educational Technology, Education in Poland
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , Priorities in Educational Technology Research

Dr. Jaroslaw Janio

CASAS/EL Civics coordinator, Santa Ana College, Continuing Education Division, Santa Ana College
Santa Ana, CA, USA

Dr. Janio has been involved in the field of educational technology for over 15 years at various levels as elementary school teacher, coordinator, university lecturer, and consultant. He has worked at public and private educational agencies in Southern California and Chicago in the areas of bilingual education, educational technology, students with disabilities. He has also conducted research in the field of language acquisition, disability, and technology in education. Dr. Janio lives in Southern California and works as a testing coordinator at Santa Ana College. His research interests include: Delphi method, international educational technology, online and distance education.

Dr. Jacek Gornikiewicz

Doctor of Education, University of Bialystok
Bialystok, Poland

Dr. Elzbieta Perzycka

Doctor of education, Wydział Humanistyczny; Instytut Pedagogiki, Uniwersytet Szczeciński; University of Szczecin
Szczecin, Poland

Dr. Dorota Siemieniecka

Doctor of Education, Wydział Nauk Pedagogicznych, University of Torun
Torun, Poland

Dr. Anna Watola

Doctor of Education, Wydział Pedagogiki i Psychologii, University of Silesia
Katowice, Poland

Ref: T08P0315