Knowledge Sharing: Development of Knowledge Sharing Framework for Government to Society

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This paper is a report on an upcoming project undertaken concerning with knowledge sharing mechanism that can support knowledge sharing activities existing in the Malaysian e-Government functions from the technical (ICT) aspects. The main objective of this study is to develop a knowledge sharing framework that will be used as a guideline in implementing knowledge sharing system in e-government environment. The framework will propose a whole range of sharing techniques and respective appropriate knowledge sharing tools for different knowledge sharing situations. The initial study will focus on family issues concentrating on special-needs children. According to the literature researches that were done, there are still limited initiatives from any (Malaysian) government website that could facilitate this section of the society to get information and to share their knowledge with others. The research team has identified several ministries and agencies that would be most related to this matter. Among them are the Social Welfare Department, the Rural and regional Development Ministry, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, the Health Ministry and the Education Ministry. Several community of practice (CoP) such as parents, pediatricians, NGOs, Counselors and Special Needs Associations have also been identified. Our research methodology will consist of four (4) phases. The phases are Knowledge Audit, Knowledge Mapping, Prototype Development and user acceptance test. A web based knowledge sharing prototype that refers as K-Sharing will be developed in order to demonstrate the proposed framework based on a case study. The K-Sharing prototype can be used or customized by other government agencies that wish to implement electronic knowledge sharing activity.

Keywords: Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Management
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Aida Suzana Sukiam

Affiliation not supplied
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Ref: T08P0296