The Need for Apolitical Mediated Communication to Remove Resistance to Change

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This abstract is a synoptic view of what ails the plan and pace of development in Orissa. The objective is to identify the missing links, inter and intra, between technology enabled progress, an adaptable work force and overall development. Further,the diagnostic study carefully avoids all paradigms, political ideologies and allegiance, propagated discourse that is often subversive. It is a humble approach to see things at its grass –room simplicity. The paper would discuss the tortuous path of corporate social responsibility and hegemonistic government policies in the accretion of tribes and the underprivileged in the mainstream. This was the trend till the early1990s.Forest resources and minerals are being utilized from their community of habitation without proportionate benefits reaching them. The media and the intelligentsia spoke about them in a language they never understood. We as a nation should have spoken to them in their language and their matrix of cultural patterns. Voices of discontent and exploitation and exploitation were sporadic since 1947, when India got its independence. But after fifty years of independence the human interface between technology, knowledge skills and society could not cohere in an organic unison. The cost is dearly. Two case studies of recent events-Kalinga Nagar and Posco steel project tell a story of resistance to change and the absence of humanistic communication. Globalization has percolated down to the remote areas, the icons being cell phones and direct to home digital transmission. When this fact has been accepted, there is hope for people evolving and sharing knowledge and products in a healthy democratic convention across the geopolitical boundaries.

Keywords: Technology Enabled Progress, Propagated Discourse, Grass-root Simplicity
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Janmejay Khuntia

Senior Lecturer, Department of Humanities, Institute of Technical Education and Research
Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

I come from a middle-income group family and had a normal childhood.Graduated in English(Honours)with distinction.Did my post grsduate studies with specialization in American Literature and Civilization.Taught British Literature and American Literature in Manipur University,Salt Christian College in Nagaland,Indira Gandhi National Open University.From 2003 till date my focus is communication and business communication.My interest is human affairs,how the rubric and variety of thoughts make and unmake things!I keenly observe the hiatus between what is being professed and what is being done.Presently working for my doctoral degree, on the late nineteenth century women writers in America who wrote on themes that later came to be known as ecofeminism.I have coauthored a text book on Communicative English for the technical students.I love the critical simplicty of life before we make it complex.

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