Telco-in-Society: A Holistic Business Model for Telecoms with Case Study from the Middle East

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Telco-in-Society is an innovative business concept for internationally expanding corporations to manage business in a successful, sustainable and respectful way. The emergency is given as new non-US, non-European multinational ICT companies are entering the global scenery and intend to invest into African and Asian markets. Despite the blueprint adaptation of the “Western legacy” those corporations and business leaders are seeking for alternative options to develop business, deploy technology in alignment with corporate social contribution. The model developed and hereby presented impressively determines the impact of the four predominant philosophies of the world (North-Rationalism, East-Spiritualism, South-Holism, West-Pragmatism) into politics, society, economy and translates them into business application. The result turns to an extension of contemporary business planning determined by financial performance obligation into holistic business-in-society responsibility – envisaged to align corporate goals and technology innovation with social innovation and development. The model is deemed to rethink internationalization strategies based on mainstream planning and evaluation methods towards a holistic business-in-society methodology. The case presented is derived from the telecommunications industry, showing how internationalization in Asia and Africa can be create mutual benefits for the international investor as well as for the local society.

Keywords: Business in Society, Internationalization, Corporate Social Responsibility, Managing in Four Worlds, Telecommunications, Consulting, Middle East
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Ali-Reza Moussavian

Regional Director Middle East & North Africa, Detecon International GmbH
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As a regional director I am responsible for the business development in the MENA region. In addition I am joining a PhD program with the university of Buckingham/UK, focused on social and economic transformation. Given the nature of my corporate work in emerging markets and regional clients eying to become global players, I am aiming to extend our current service portfolio of management services in strategy, operations, technology towards corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. The theoretical foundations are set within the PhD programme whereby I am applying those concepts into practice already. The vision is to align technology innovation and social innovation and to make the telecommunications industry a driving force. I have a master degree in business administration and have been working in consulting and the telecommunications industry for the last ten years. Educated in Germany, I have my roots in the Middle East. In my professional experience I have been working in more than twenty countries on four continents.

Ref: T08P0272