The Techne Project: Encouraging Holistic Understandings of Technology in Education and Society

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Through a short animated movie based on Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound and a follow up Web Quest, the Techne project seeks to expand the learners definition of technology to include the design of objects and devices, the expertise with which they are used, and the consequences of their use. The theory is that expanding a young person’s concept of technology will expand their points of entry into technology related fields and attract a more diverse group of young people into STEM related studies and careers. This theory also extends to the idea that people with an expanded notion of technology will understand better the impact that technology has upon society and therefore will be better prepared to be citizens capable of making decisions in a technology-infused, global society.

Keywords: Technology, Meaning of Technology, Philosophy of Technology, Curriculum Resource
Stream: Technology in Education
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Paper: Techne Project, The

Dr. David B. Whittier

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Curriculum & Teaching
School of Education, Boston University

Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Whittier supervises the curriculum and the program in educational media and technology. His teaching responsibilities include the history and philosophy of educational technology as a study within the field of education, as well as the design, production, and evaluation of computer-based multimedia, instructional television, and distance education. Dr. Whittier also supervises the educational technology curricula for all teacher preparation programs. Dr. Whittier's current research interests include designing technology-based materials that most effectively support teaching and learning both in the classroom and online, designing programs for preparing teachers to effectively use technology in support of teaching and learning, faculty development, and various aspects of online and other forms of distance education. Dr. Whittier also supervises a curriculum project on the meaning of technology (Techne). As Director (2004-05) and Co-Director (2001-2004) of a US Department of Education PT3 grant (Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to use Technology), Dr. Whittier directed faculty development in designing and using Web-based resources and digital video to enhance teaching and modeling of the use of technology. The Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education and Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (CITE/JTATE) awarded Dr. Whittier the 2004 Technology Leadership Award for the Teacher as Software Developer program.

Ref: T08P0264