Generation X and Y Students in Graduate School: Practical Strategies for Teaching the "MTV/Google" Generations

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Most current graduate students are drawn from Generation X and Y; most professors either are not members of these generations or are using classroom materials and strategies that were not developed with Generation X and Y students in mind. Gen X/Y students have a unique and unprecedented relationship to technology. They are also adult learners whose primary education unfolded in the "post Sputnik" world. In this presentation, I first synthesize and describe the general learning styles and attitudes these students share as a result of the confluence of these events and experiences. I then explain general classroom strategies that take advantage of these learning styles to create a positive and productive educational environment. Finally, I illustrate the implementation of some of these strategies with specific suggestions and material that has been used or studied in the context of law school studies.

Keywords: Generation X, Generation Y, Learning Styles, Teaching Strategies
Stream: Technology in Education
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Prof. Joan Catherine Bohl

Professor, Faculty, Stetson University College of Law
Gulfport, Florida, USA

Prof. Bohl currently teaches Legal Writing, as well as Children and the Law, at Stetson University College of Law. Prior to joining the Stetson faculty, she taught at Southwestern University College of Law for thirteen years. Professor Bohl has presented numerous Continuing Legal Education programs in the areas of legal writing, legal malpractice and family law. Professor Bohl joined the faculty of the National Judicial College in 2002, and has presented programs through the Judicial College on Logic and Opinion Writing and on Writing Skills for Tribal Court Judges. Her research interests include family law, grandparent visitation, and pedagogical strategies for engaging generation X and Y students in the classroom. She has recently presented her research on Generation X and Y learning styles at the Southeastern Regional Legal Writing Conference, the University of California at Davis and at Southwestern University School of Law.

Ref: T08P0263