Technology Exploitation: Today's Hidden Challenge

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This paper addresses a serious hidden threat that poses a fundamental risk to all users of IT and telecommunications systems, and proffers solutions for dealing with such threats. Heretofore, IT and telecommunications professionals have been concerned with threats from viruses, worms, Trojans, password hacking, rootkit, EMI/RFI attacks, etc. However, today it is becoming likely that a much more pernicious threat exists in the form of “technology exploitations” against which most are ill prepared to defend themselves. These technology exploits are examined and process and economic solutions are proffered to help in mitigating such challenges.

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Paper: Technology Exploitation,

Dr. John H. Nugent

Associate Professor & Director of the Center of Information Assurance, Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas
Plano, TX, USA

Dr. John. H. Nugent, CPA, CFE, CISM, FCPA is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas where he also serves as Director of the University’s National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance, a National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security designated educational center. Nugent also serves as the Director of the MBA in Information Assurance, the MM in Information Assurance, and MS in Information Assurance degree programs. Today these programs collectively constitute the largest graduate program in the United States in Information Assurance. Nugent is also a professor at James Madison University’s Graduate School of Management’s MBA program where he developed and teaches a course in Managerial Digital Forensics.

Previously, Nugent served as a managing director of a venture capital firm focused in the telecommunications and IT sectors, as well as CEO and Board of Director Member of several AT&T subsidiaries with responsibility for operations in some 90+ countries. In this latter position, Nugent oversaw the design, development, and installation of over 100 state of the art secure communications products and systems ranging from chips, to products, to switches, to secure satellite networks. Here, Nugent worked closely with Foreign Ministries, Ministers of Defense and Interior, and many Intelligence agencies in securing their state assets and communications systems.

Nugent additionally serves on several American Bar Association sub committees that research and publish on Information Security matters. Nugent additionally represents the University’s Center of Information Assurance on the U.S. Secret Service’s North Texas Electronic Crimes Task Force.

Nugent is widely published and serves as a national speaker for many regulatory and commercial enterprises on matters dealing with telecommunications policy and information security. Previously, Nugent drafted the national telecommunications infrastructure plan for a leading Asian nation.

Nugent has been recognized for his work by universities, governments and major publications including Defense Electronics “10 Rising Stars,” and by the Republic of France with the award of the “Diplome de Citoyen D’Honneur.”

Dr. David Gordon

Professor, Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas
Plano, Texas, USA

Dr. Gordon is a full professor in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas. Dr. Gordon focuses on operational enterprise issues with a focus on technology matters. He is a former Associate Dean of the school. Dr. Gordon has an extensive consulting background with leading commercial and governmental enterprises.

Dr. Fernando Arellano

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas
Irving, Texas, USA

Dr. Arellano is an assistant professor of finance in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas. Dr. Arellano focuses on research regarding financial systems and threats posed to such systems with the "virtualization" of financial assets. Dr. Arellano is fluent in English and Spanish.

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