Knowledge of the West: The Media's Role for Siberian Children

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As part of a larger study in the first decade of this century of a former "closed city" in Central Siberia, Siberian children were observed as they consumed the many media offerings available to them that had a western-oriented theme. Students were also asked to self-describe their own use of computers and provide answers to questions about their attitudes, particularly in reference to their government, their society, and the future of their country. Media influences were found to be pervasive and invasive, carrying a fairly consistent theme of desirability of western styles of consumerism in goods and actions, and in a wide variety of venues.

Keywords: Siberian, Children, Media
Stream: Technology in Community
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Dr. Robert J. Topitzer

Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Suffolk University
Boston,, MA, USA

As a faculty member at Suffolk University, Boston, since 1974 I have taught many courses in sociology, including one entitled,"Technology and Society," and I have traveled 5 times to Russia, including 4 trips to Siberia. During some summers I have attended "Chautauqua" workshops, including two separate ones at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory facilities in Greenbank, West Virginia, and Socorro, New Mexico, where I observed the kind of scientific work, outside of sociology, of which I am particularly fond. While in Siberia, I had the opportunity to witness a part of the re-invention of a former closed city of the FSU, in which technology is playing a major part. While there, I spent time with both adults and young people. This proposal is based on those experiences.

Ref: T08P0256