A 'New Approach' Analysis of 'Technology'

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In this presentation the results of a study into the structural pre-conditions of technology as technology, in an ontical structural framework, will be highlighted. In the literature of Science and Technology Studies (STS) many variations of terminology like technology, techno-science, technics and technical and various definitions or descriptions within different frameworks can be identified. An attempt was made, from current STS literature, to isolate the ‘unique characteristics’ of the technical, as societal process, in order to distinguish it from all ‘non-technical’ conditions. Starting from the notion of ‘meaning in context’ and assuming an underlying orderliness in reality, the societal interaction of the technical process was considered. From this a model was identified and tested empirically. New insights from the model highlighted the link of various dissimilar activities and artefacts interlaced into a distinguishable totality in the technical process in society. Furthermore, it was discovered that ‘valid’ meanings or conclusions in a specific context were sometimes transferred to different contexts which invalidated the conclusions or meanings resulting in what I called ‘contextual fallacies’, with the result that more confusion arose instead of more clarity.

Keywords: Technology, Techno-Science, Techno-Knowledge, Techno-Literacy, Techno-Practice
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Hercules Fourie

Head of Department: Public Relations and Information Studies, Faculty of Arts
School of Language, Media and Culture
Department of Public Relations and Communication Studies, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

After the creation of the university by merging three institutions, as the Head of the department I currently lecture in various non-major modules like philosophy, sociology, marketing and strategic management on the Public Relations Management programme. My interests are Philosophy of technology, Information management, Strategic management and corporate communication. I am qualified as Librarian (B Bibl) with two honneurs degrees, B Bibl(Honns) and BA (Honns)(Philosophy) and two masters MA (Philosophy) and a MBL. Currently Studying towards my doctorate in Philosophy of Technology.

Ref: T08P0251