The Network Security Using Datamining Techniques

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Security with the internet becomes the very important issue as the total business is going to migrate towards the e-business. If the resources of the network are going to be used bye the unauthorized persons it will become dangerous for the organization. The traditional methods for detecting the intrusion are not sufficient as the traffic in the network become very high. It will become very difficult to check each and every packet coming in the network. This paper will suggest the new data mining technique for the detection of the intrusion in effective way.

Keywords: Security Intrusion, Datamining ACT Algorithm
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Manoj Eknath Patil

Lecturer, Computer Engineering, SSBT Coet Bambhori
Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

In this paper we have studied the current intrusion detection methods. We find the drawbacks of the system that is if the data wchich is comming inside the network is very heavy then it will become difficult to see each and every packet of the network,. To improve the efficiency of the intruison detection system we are going to use the ACT algorithm for the detection of the intrusion detection of the network . Here we compare the parameters of the packet header with the threshold value of the nonintrudated condition and then make the avarage classification tree and depending on that we take the decison .

Ref: T08P0250