A Virtual School for New Learning

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The paper will describes how two lecturers in Teacher Education developed a virtual primary school as a digital tool to help preservice teachers at the theory/ practice interface. The development and future directions of their online virtual environment will be discussed and will detail how scenario building in online learning communities fosters an alternative way of thinking about teaching aTnd learning. The primary school was created to provide a place of learning not often available to preservice teachers on their professional practice placements. While the concept for a virtual school is not a new one, the goals for its design were different and application was specifically oriented towards Inquiry Learning and New Learning philosophies. We will explore how a narrative-based scenario approach has been assisting our work at the edge of the traditional and the new.

Keywords: Virtual School
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Gloria Latham

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, RMIT University
Bundoora, VIC, Australia

Gloria Latham and Julie Faulkner are Senior Lecturers in Literacy at RMIT University and co-authors of Learning to teach: new times new prctices a text that is supported with the virtual school.

Dr Julie Diane Faulkner

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, RMIT University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Julie Faulkner works in literacy teaching in the School of Education. She is Co-author of Learning to teach: New times, new practices.

Ref: T08P0245