The Usability Testing and Redesign of a University Department Web Site

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This research addressed the assessment, redesign and usability testing for a departmental web site at a major University. The primary objectives for the research were to gain an understanding of "user" requirements,to incorporate these requirements into a newly designed prototype for the web site, and to provide recommendations for College wide modifications to other deparmtent web sites. A usability test was performed on the prototype to validate that key technical and functional capabilities had been implemented. Key participants included in the usability testing and requirements definition included current students, prospective students, parents, alumni and administration. Jeffrey Rubin's methodology for conducting usability testing was utilized and cognitive design principles from Donald Norman were incorporated into the prototype.

Keywords: Usability Testing, Cognitive Design Principles, Prototype, University, Web Site, Department
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Usability Testing and Redesign of a University Department Web Site, The

Robert L. Totterdale

Doctoral Student, Robert Morris University, Totterdale Business Consulting
Pittsburgh, Pa, USA

Mr. Totterdale is a retired partner from Accenture(a global consulting organization). During his career at Accenture, Mr. Totterdale provided consulting and technology services to a number of large global organizations in the areas of finance and supply chain management. Mr. Totterdale has continued to provide consulting services to start-ups and middle market businesses primarily in the Western Pennsylvania area. Mr. Totterdale is currently a Doctoral student in the Communications and Information Systems program at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. In addition, he currently serves as a guest lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University and is a member of an Advisory Board for the College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University.

Ref: T08P0243