Technology's Impact on Organizational Communication

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This workshop will examine the social impact technology has had organizational communication. Participants will identify the numerous audiences that they communicate with in a given day; managers, peers, customers and suppliers to name a few. A discussion of effective communication strategies from an organizational perspective and how to ensure all members of an organization are included, well informed and intended results are achieved. Discuss how an organization can manage the high volume of daily communications without distorting the meaning and without alienating members of the organization. Examine personal communication styles, as well as communication style differences by generation, and strategize on how to bridge the gaps. Finally, participants will consider the available communication channels, both technological and non-technological, and how to create a balance between these channels to assist your organization in building effective relationships with all of its stakeholders. Ultimately, the outcomes realized are that effective organizations utilize a combination of communication technologies while focusing on an audience based approach to communicating with its members.

Keywords: Organizational Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Generational Communication Differences, Communication Technology's Impact on Meeting Organizational Goals
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Luanne Proko

Assistant Professor & Department Chair - Business Communication, Business Studies, Nichols College
Dudley, MA, USA

Eight years in higher education teaching business studies; management, marketing, human resources, and communication. Currently, the department chair for Business Communication. Over 15 years experience in the training and development field. Presented and developed a number of management development programs for entry level managers, and up to senior management.

Ref: T08P0242