Creating Pronunciation Opportunities with Interactive Feedback through Distance Learning

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This study examined ways to increase pronunciation and speaking opportunities for learners of English through the use of a voice board (Gong) within a course management system (Moodle). Students submitted digital voice recordings to a message board and received feedback from a tutor on aspects of their pronunciation, as well as general questions on culture and language. Two different types of sessions were created. The first was a board where students could submit a recording anytime and receive feedback within twenty four hours. The second type consisted of students making appointments with the tutor and interacting live during that time. While specific language changes could not be measured in this study, we were able to examine the ease of use of the tools, access times, length of recordings, number of recordings, attitudes toward using technology for this purpose, and whether it provided students access to resources when they might not be available otherwise. By analyzing the use of Gong and reactions to this approach, we hope that we can find ways to increase pronunciation opportunities for learners.

Keywords: Gong, Voice Board, Course Management System, Moodle, English, Teach, Pronunciation, Distance Learning, Feedback
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Mike Dombroski

Graduate Student, Linguistics Department, Ohio University
Athens, OH, USA

Ref: T08P0239