Optimizing Meta Data for Consumption by Both Humans and Machines

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XML instance documents are meant for consumption by both humans and machines. The tags used in XML instance documents are nothing but meta data of the data they enclose. The tags are more human-friendly when they are more descriptive in nature. However, longer tags have significant impact when it is consumed by computers especially in the case of large XML files which is the case in most of the practical applications. When the tags are more descriptive they are more human-friendly but resource intensive in terms of processing and storage. When the tags are abbreviated too much they become machine friendly, but make it harder to comprehend for the human consumers such as software developers. This paper presents the effects of tag sizes on computer resources and explores ways to optimize the tag sizes so that they are easier for the humans to comprehend and machines to process.

Keywords: XML Tags, Meta Data, XML Data Processing
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Rajarathnam Nallusamy

Research Scholar, Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Currently a part-time Research Scholar in Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India. Research Topic is "Web Based Services for Finite Element Analysis". Areas of interest include Web Technologies, Open Source Software, Engineering Software and Information Security. Has about 22 years of total experience in reputed educational institutions in India and software and services industry. Had served in IT industry for about nine years. Has been instrumental in architecting IT security solutions for several projects of national importance during the tenure in Tata Consultancy Services. Was 'Solution Architect' in Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd. before taking a break to complete the Ph.D.

Prof. Ramakrishnan Catti Venkatesalu

INAE Distinguished Emeritus Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Ref: T08P0215