Blogging as a Form of Interpersonal Communication

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Media convergence has become synonymous with media change and how we adapt, employ and communicate utilizing a variety of sources. With the surge of emergency response systems enacted at universities following the Virginia Tech shooting this spring, our media use has taken on a new burden- with all the technology choices available namely texting, email, website postings and voicemail, which is the right communication source to reach the intended audience? The intent of this crafted panel discussion is to look at blogging, as a form of self expression, a discussion catalyst and an outlet for students to take ownership of their comments, consider the audience to which they are addressing thereby promoting intelligent decisions of language, research and expression. Students began this semester creating their own blogs for a course in Interpersonal Communication. Their first posting was a self blog which asked them to identify themselves through an assortment of sources such as theory, pop culture and personal experience. They were to describe who they are today and who they aspire to be tomorrow. For many, this technology allowed for an easy expression of ideas. This format gave them a chance to be creative, think their ideas through, self disclose only what they felt they should, allow for links to materials that better describe who they are and comment freely on classmate blogs. For others, this layout made them seriously question the ownership factor- who will read this, what will they think and do I want to share who I am to the blogosphere and my peers in this class. Five more assignments and a formal paper will finish off the class in the coming 10 weeks leaving so much more to discover in the world of blogging as a form of interpersonal communication.

Keywords: Blogging, Interpersonal, Communication
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Prof. Suzanne Carbonaro

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Communication 
Subcommittee Chairperson of Events and Seminars for Gender and Sexualities Studies, Rider University

Ewing, NJ, USA

Suzanne Carbonaro is a member of the College of NJ Communication Studies Department and Priority Status Adjunct Instructor at Rider University’s Department of Communication and Journalism and teaches courses in business and professional speech, interpersonal communication and public relations. In addition to her fifteen-year experience in academia, Suzanne has written scripts for local television production companies along with news and sports pieces for independent and network affiliates in New York and New Jersey. Additionally, she has worked as an Audience Coordinator for shows at NBC Studios, MTV and Warner Brothers and also holds credits as a Production Coordinator and Stage Manager. Suzanne is a communication consultant and has conducted workshops for the United States Coast Guard, Columbia Business School and Miele Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey. She is a member of Conference on College Composition and Communication, National Council of Teachers of English and Rider University’s chapter of American Association of University Professors.

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