The Issue of Technological Literacy in Nigeria: A Case For Renewable Engergies

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The Nigerian market is about the largest in the continent of Africa. With the problems of public power supply which appear to have no readily available solution, everyone appears to be paying dearly for this (industries, offices, individuals, and organizations). A resort to finding alternative energy supplies has become the order of the day in the Nigerian power landscape.Several large manufacturing companies have started generating their own electricity, outside of the public power supply system. Power generating sets have become common in Nigerian homes, organizations, and businesses. This is inspite of the dangers and problems inherent in such use. Environmental issues which are prevalent in the use of power generating sets have been ignored because there just has to be electricity. Unemployment has escalated when the industries cannot function optimally because of the problems associated with power supply. This paper details the problems of technological literacy in Nigeria, giving suggestions on the solutions such that the evolving markets in alternative and renewable energies can be optimized.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Energy Market, Technological Literacy
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Enyinda Okey

Managing Director, Solar Energy, New Brunswick University
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Born August 10, 1952, male, Nigerian. Educated at I.L.O Advanced Training Centre, Tsurin-Italy; Ball State University, Indiana-USA; University of New Brunswick, Canada. Qualified with Full Technological Certificate of the City & Guilds (London, UK); Technical Teacher Certificate;Master of Arts Degree in Industrial Education; Master of Education Degree in Vocational Education. Presenter at conferences, seminars and workshops.Worked previously in: Oil & Gas; Training & Education; Services industries. One time graduate teaching and research assistant(Energy), University of New Brunswick, Canada. Working towards establishing a Solar Energy Institute in Nigeria.

Ref: T08P0199