E_Touch: A Hardware Keyboard For Visually Impaired

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‘Seeing is Believing’. The well known saying goes. The visually impaired are the most unfortunate people bearing darkness throughout their life. E-Touch, a hardware keyboard, is specially made computer interfaced device that provides them easy typing technology and does not differentiate them from common man. Every blind person can ‘see’ an object through sense of ‘touch’. There are totally 17 logical sensing switches that are used for acquiring the characters. The whole keyboard works in two modes X and Xbar. There are also five other specially used switches like Dot, Enter, Space, Back, Speak. This keyboard is a device which is made of logical switches and uses HASH & CROSS technique for sensing the characters. In the hash & cross, the characters are aligned according to the modes of operation i.e. alphabets or Numeric /special characters. The blind person is first trained with the easy operational features of the keyboard and then is allowed to enter the text in the computer by sensing the characters present in the hash & cross according to the specifications. This keyboard is interfaced with the computer similar to that of the primary keyboards that are available.

Keywords: Visually Impaired, Hardware Keyboard, See Thro’ Touch, Logical Switches, Hash & Cross, Modes of Operation (X and Xbar)
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
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Sivaraman Sriram

Student, Department of Information Technology, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College
Chennai, TamilNadu, India

This is Mr.Sivaraman Sriram doing my Final year of U.G. in Sri Sairam Engineering College wanting to help the society in the technological methods. Taking the Visually Challenged around the world as targetted audience, I have tried to develop an alternative computer keyboard for them in order to make them work independently in the system.

Srikanth Ramesh

Student, Department of Information Technology, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Ref: T08P0197