Email Marketing and Website Subscription Features

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This paper examines the features of the newsletter subscription phase associated with email permission marketing. This direct marketing approach has had renewed interest from organisations and is premised on people opting to receive an electronic newsletter (e-newsletter). The study proposes eight core features that are associated with e-newsletter subscription via the website— features that address aspects of the website’s functionality that facilitates new reader engagement. Permission or email marketing research has tended to address e-newsletter content and database distribution, with little attention given to the practical issues associated with facilitating new customer acquisition. This paper focuses on the important issue of customer acquisition associated with email permission marketing— indeed, businesses cannot promote products/services to consumers if they haven’t signed them up to receive their email message. The proposed features are presented in the form of an implementation framework that could be used by an organisation to offer email newsletters, or by a business that has an existing strategy in place and wants to evaluate their website’s opt-in characteristics.

Keywords: Permission Marketing, New Customer Acquisition, Subscription, Email, Newsletter, Website
Stream: Human Technologies and Usability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , Email Marketing and Website Subscription Features

Dr. Carmine Sellitto

Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Research (CTHR), Victoria University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ref: T08P0186