The Excellent Instructional TQM Model of Mathematics

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Taiwan Ministry of Education announced the Curriculum Guidelines of Mathematics for Nine-year Integrated Curriculum(Grade1-9 Curriculum) on November 14 , 2003. Many researchers point out that the teacher overly relies on the textbook or the teaching guide in teaching, there is negative influence on teaching quality, and edited style and evolution that the textbook and teaching guide will be not accord with the teacher's actual demand. The editor's logic of teaching material may have difference with the teacher's teaching program. Great Britain and American begins to think how to make use of valid management procedure to improve the quality of education after education scholar of the country was in 1990, then Total Quality Management (TQM) paid attention to by the education, there is practical value in the improvement to educational quality of TQM. The improvement of educational quality, accountability and performance has been great topics of educational reform all the time , so the way to introduce TQM in the teaching design, make the evaluation of quality from traditional maker's (teacher's or administrator of school)view, change in order to the view of meeting consumers (or customer ), the help teacher that can not merely be clear solves the blind spot in the teaching design, and can help the teacher examining and evaluating oneself in the course of teaching, effective and certain improvement teaching quality.

Keywords: TQM, QFD, Curriculum
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Yoau-Chau Jeng

Professor, Department of Industrial Education and Technology, National Changhua University
Changhua, Taiwan

Hsin-hua Shih

Department of Industrial Education and Technology, National Changhua University of Education
Changhua, Taiwan

Ref: T08P0185