The Core Design Skills of 3D CAD in Mechanics Elements

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In the past decade, The 3 Dimension Computer-aided Design (3D CAD) was developed rapidly. The feature-based 3D CAD in Mechanics is a market mainstream around the world now. Thought software had the different interface and tools, the design skills and design concept are very similar. The document analysis and experts interview were used to find the common modeling skills of 3D CAD mechanics parts that we called the core design skills. According to the core design skills, teachers can teach and assess the achievement of their students in the 3D CAD program. This study arranges the four core design skills as follow: basic concepts, sketch tools, features, modification.

Keywords: Design Skills, 3D CAD, Mechanics Elements
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Yoau-Chau Jeng

Professor, Department of Industrial Education and Technology, National Changhua University
Changhua, Taiwan

Hsin-hua Shih

Phd Candidate, Department of Industrial Education and Technology
Changhua, Taiwan

Ref: T08P0184