The Role of ICT in the Development of Empowered Modern Communities

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Today, discussion on the fact that current and future societies need empowered social subjects who have knowledge and the ability to utilize computer technology is fairly. Having the ability to access and manipulate ICT literacy is becoming an essential life skill which is not neutral but a socially constructed one (MacKay, 1992). On the other hand, the inability to access or use ICT effectively is becoming a barrier to social integration and personal development. This presentation seeks to investigate the operation and discourse that ICT bring to modern society. Technology determines not only the sphere of production, but also the totality of relations and action of subjects in the social space. The personal computer is thus rendered a machine of symbolic expression, but also the conception of social phenomena and relations (Lamnias & Kamarianos, 2000; Wise, 1997). Furthermore, in a ‘society of information’ who has access and who does not, is the basic characteristic of information dissemination or diffusion. Actualizing these levels of diffusion is fundamental to developing active and empowered modern communities.

Keywords: Modern Communities, Information Communication Technology
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Role of ICT in the Development of Empowered Modern Communities, The

Dr. Georgia Gouga

Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics in Biomedicine
Technological Educational Institution of Athens, University of Central Greece

Marousi, Athens, Greece

Researcher of the «Social Research Laboratory» of the University of Thessaly
Member of the Editorial board of the «Social Science Tribune»
Teachning Sociology, Sociology of Technology, Sociology of Medicine, Sociology of Education at the University of Central Greece, and the Technological Educational Institution of Athens

Ref: T08P0169