Public Debate and New Technologies: Transgenic Corn in Developing Countries

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Transgenic corn has been the subject of public debate in Mexico for years now. This case study is remarkable in a developing country where not much attention is paid to science and technology. However, we can witness the cultural power of corn in this society, following the public debate about introduction of transgenic corn to Mexico. We can learn from this case how different social agents intermingle different discourses and the role of Media in technological debates: Scientists: with academic articles on the subject and opinions in the Media. Scientific organizations: Mexican Academy of Science and international scientific organisations have participated in the debate. International Magazines: Nature has accepted and rejected later research results. Federal government: a special commission has been appointed to deal with this matter. Mexican Parliament: a special law has been passed for bio-security. NGO┬┤s: GreenPeace has been very active in the controversy

Keywords: Transgenic Corn, Technology Debate, Public Understanding of Technology
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Public Debate of Science and Technology

Dr. Julio E. Rubio

Director for Research and Graduate Studies, Vicepresidency for Research and Technological Development, Tecnologico de Monterrey
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

PhD in Philosophy of Science, University of Valencia, Spain; Master in Philosophy of Science, Autonomus Metropolitan University, Mexico; Master of Science in Physics, University of Texas at El Paso; Electrical Engineer, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico; Member of National Researchers System, Mexico, 2000-2006; President, Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe, 2004-2006; Research and Graduate Studies Director, since 2006; articles and book chapters in epistemology of natural sciences and social studies of science.

Ref: T08P0158