Power of the Electronic Mind or Society of Informational Telepathy

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This work is the result of some common questions that we all ask with regard to our technological future and other issues. Numerous studies (Moschella, 1995; Denning&Metcalfe, 1997; Gore, 1998; Cornish, 2004; Tugui 2004) tackle the issue of our technological future from the perspective of the informational and communication technologies waves (Moschella, 1995; Tugui, 2004), like how the Earth will look like in the Digital Earth (Gore 1998), the future social and informational trenbds (Cornish, 2004), the Human-Computer Interaction (Jessop, 2004), the complex relation computing versus human thinking (Naur, 2007; Tugui 2004) and last but not least the human-machine communication (Croal, 2007) etc. All these and many such issues determined us to focus on communication and technology. From this percpective we may say that man always wanted communication and power of action above the technological powers of the moment he lives in. To this respect, a good illustration is the fierceful witches that had, among others, the technological secret of mind power and remote communication or that used charmed mirrors to find answers to complicated questions (in fairy tales like "Snowwhite" the charmed mirrors ressembles much our today's Internet and examples may go on). In other words, in time when man saw that he cannot master only with the power of the mind his environment, he focused on technology. We think that in this moment the evolution of information and communication technologies leads us more and more to a „collective electronic mind” to which all the members of a collectivity may have access, which will result in de large-scale development of telepathy mediated by IT&C. This determined us to circumscribe in the knowledge-based society a stage we call "society of informational telepathy".

Keywords: IT&C, Power Mind, Knowledge, Society, Telepathy, Digital Earth, Internet, Waves
Stream: Technology in Education
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Alexandru Tugui

Professor, Business Informatics, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
Iasi, Romania

Mircea-Radu Georgescu

Professor, Business Informatics, Al. I. Cuza University
Iasi, Romania

Iuliana Tugui

Professor, Economic & Tourism High School
Iasi, Romania

Iuliana Georgescu

Professor, Accounting, Al. I. Cuza University
Iasi, Romania

Laura-Diana Genete

Iasi, Romania

Ref: T08P0149