Achieving Excellence in Postgraduate and Executive Education Through the use of Games and Simulations

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The session will discuss ways in which simulations and games in network can be incorporated as a complement to traditional training methods in business education. At present there are only a handful of business schools which internally develop their e-learning projects and which regard e-learning quality as a strategic advantage over competitors. Instituto de Empresa Business School (ranked in the top three European business schools by the Financial Times in 2007) has been internally developing interactive learning aids (multimedia case studies and technical notes) for over seven years and believes highly in the promotion of e-learning in postgraduate education. The presentation will show examples of specific games and simualtions which have been develeped to complement both face-to-face and online courses, and suggest how these add value to the learning experience. The following examples (along with others) will be discussed in detail: The sustainable development simulator: This simulation is played in network by 8 groups that represent 8 different industrial plants which are normally made up of 4 students each. The learning objective of this session is to encourage students to think about collaboration, sustainable development and common value, through the prisoner’s dilemma. To achieve this, we use a sensitive topic such as is the environment. Students can choose whether their company treats their industry process water before returning it to the lake or discharges this water directly to the lake. Communication (problems in transmitting information): This is a game played in a network. The game aims to show the importance of efficient communication channels and how messages can often be misinterpreted as they are passed on. Interactive documentation serves as an opportunity for students to practice certain scenarios in an isolated environment and in this way, allows for a more practical learning experience than the more traditional teaching methods.

Keywords: Interactive, Games, Simulations, Cases, Technical Notes
Stream: Technology in Education
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Mathew Constantine

Project Manager, Department of e-learning
Madrid, Spain

The presenter of this material will be Mathew James Constantine. Mathew is a graduate from the University of Leicester (England) in BA Business Economics and also holds an International MBA from the Instituto de Empresa Business School. For the past two years Mathew has worked as Project Manager at the Instituto de Empresa Business School E-learning department. He is closely incloved in the conceptulisation and design of multimedia case studies and technical notes. Mathew has been giving presentations to large audiences throughout his academic life. At present he is responsible for making presentations to the different teaching areas (the audience of these presentations are doctorates or experts in the specfic field) within Instituto de Empresa, to present the new multimedia material.

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