Towards the Implementation of Digital Pedagogy: Redesigning Curriculum and Instruction

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Implementing digital pedagogy is still an issue on debate in educational settings. However, despite the setbacks, educational institutions are actually engaged in redesigning their programmes of instruction and are committed to promote a multimodal methodology of learning. In higher education, the issue of networked learning has given birth to a new culture with new concepts and highlighted other alternative approaches to learning and teaching. This paper will give some insights into the issue of e-learning and pedagogy in general with a particular focus on some current academic practices.

Keywords: Digital Pedagogy, e-Learning, Curriculum Development, Learning and Instruction
Stream: Technology in Education
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Amor Jebali

Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities
Department of English, University of Manouba

Manouba, Tunisia

I teach Applied Linguistics at the University of Manouba in Tunisia. I have a very rich experience in teacher training, ELT material development and curriculum and syllabus design. My research interests include ICT and learner autonomy, e-learning, communication technologies and educational evaluation. I often travel abroad to attend conferences and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.

Ref: T08P0142